Ingmar - The system of symbolic forces of Aldebaran

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Wolfgang Becvar
Ingmar - The symbolic forces of Aldebaran
ISBN 978-3-902280-09-1


People all over the world are now establishing contact with their stellar brothers and sisters who are providing them with the information needed for the times to come. These could be soul mates of Sirius, of the Pleiades or even of Aldebaran. They all have important information ready for us so that we will have sufficient tools at our disposal in the phase of transition and afterwards. Aldebaran, the solar system with the number 211, is located in the constellation Taurus. Some of the beings that live there feel obliged, in a very loving and spiritual way, to gradually impart their knowledge to their relatives ? and to all humans on Earth who are interested. Ingmar marks the start of the transfer of this information to the human consciousness. In the book in hand, these messages are intentionally written in a relatively concise and clear form because Ingmar is a system that is open to everyone and everything. It is a system that focuses on free energies and the efficient use of these energies. Readers and/or beings that concern themselves responsibly with the symbolic forces described are free to find out what and how many possibilities are held out by the application and combination of the symbols. But here again, the cosmic law applies that any abuse of these forces will ultimately take effect upon the originator.
Artikelnummer: B-BEC01E


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